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Pressure Testing of Cylinder Heads


AMAC Engineering has the facilities to pressure test cylinder heads. This involves the cooling channels through a cylinder head being tested under pressure to show if leaks will occur. Most head types can be tested, as below. If the water is able to leak into other regions of the head then this will be shown, see bottom of page.

Welding Services


Both MIG and TIG welding of steels is available, but the main specialization at AMAC Engineering is that of aluminium and stainless steel TIG welding. See below examples.

Prescision Engineering

AMAC Engineering offers a range of Precision Engineering services. These include not only production and modifications to automotive components, but also the manufacture of specialised batch components.


· Specialist modifications to existing parts / car suspension components.

· Skimming of Brake Discs.

· Batch production of specialised lightened flywheels and turned components.

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