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Full Engine Rebuild


Amac Engineering offers a full engine rebuild service.  Whether it has been Ford, Lotus or Vauxhall, historic or current, high quality and attention to detail has always been one of the key elements to ensure the reliability and performance of the engines built here at AMAC Engineering.  With AMAC's extensive knowledge of race and rally engines we provide a rebuild and update service of only the highest quality.


Amac Engineering offers a range of precision engineering services. These include not only production and modifications to automotive components, but also the manufacture of specialised batch components. This means that if you are a company who needs a replacement part for a machine then Amac Engineering are the company to call.


When an engine is rebuilt components that are replaced are as follows:· Pistons and piston rings· Bearings; main and big ends· Oil pumps on most engines are renewed· Timing Belts depending upon condition camshafts, followers and bearings may be renewed.  The block of the engine is also re-bored, unless standard liners are used in which case they are replaced. Before rebuilding commences a thorough inspection of the engines components is carried out.

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