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Cam Belt Breakage


If a cam belt is not changed at times specified by the manufacturer this may lead to excess wear and ultimately the belt snapping. This has a catastrophic affect upon an engine as there is no valve timing and in most engines ultimately the valves hit the pistons. To repair this damage new valves and pistons will be required, the head will need repairing and the block may require repair work. A broken valve could cause similar damage.


This damage to the cylinder head will require :-

· Aluminium welding.
· Pressure testing dependent upon damaged area.
· Re-cutting of the valve insert pocket in the head.
· Refitting a new insert.
· Grinding of the correct valve angles and lapping of the new valve to the seat.
· Re-cutting and re-profiling of the chamber port shape.
· Skimming of the cylinder head.

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