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Head Skimming


One of the services offered at AMAC Engineering is the skimming of cylinder heads.

An internal combustion engine is subjected to extreme forces temperatures. Combustion occurs between the piston and cylinder head. In time the temperature and forces associated with combustion will warp this surface of the cylinder head. This could lead to the cylinder head gasket ‘blowing’. To eliminate this warping the cylinder head is skimmed, as in photos of skimmed cylinder heads.




When the cylinders of an engine become worn it is necessary to re-bore them. Here at AMAC Engineering we normally do this by either re-boring the block, therefore increasing the capacity of the engine and fitting oversized pistons, or re-boring the block oversize and fitting inserts called liners, as shown right. Re-boring an engine is normally only necessary when the engine has done high miles, unless there has been some kind of mechanical failure. The life of a bore is prolonged with regular servicing, i.e. engine oil changes.

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